Residential conveyancing in York

As a specialist in residential conveyancing in York, Spencer Elliott understands how much emotion as well as money is invested in the purchase of a new home. That’s why we provide personal, friendly and highly professional residential conveyancing services to ensure your property purchase goes exactly to plan, with minimal inconvenience to you.

We will always try to achieve your ideal completion date, although with so many parties involved we can’t offer any guarantees. Nevertheless, we have a track record of meeting our clients’ preferred completion dates on most occasions.

Buying newly built homes

We are very experienced in residential conveyancing for brand-new homes, where we work with developers to achieve exchange of contracts within the required 28-day period. If you’re buying a brand-new house, we have all the expertise you need to ensure your purchase goes through smoothly.

Advice on types of property ownership

We can advise you on different forms of property ownership, from joint or co-ownership to tenants-in-common agreements. We can draw up draft declarations of trust and all other legal paperwork to ensure your property purchase meets all legal requirements, whatever ownership arrangement you choose.